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About reCharge My eCar

reCharge my eCar shows you where the free, public charging points are for electric cars in Ireland, and whether or not each one is currently available for use.

It means users of eCars can quickly find where the nearest unoccupied charging point is, or can use the app to plan routes in advance and see where charging points are along the way.

The app was developed using data generously supplied by the ESB's eCar division and it won the app section of CoderDojo Coolest Projects in June 2014.


DCU, Dublin

CoderDojo is a free network of classes to teach you how to create websites, apps and games. I go to CoderDojo DCU in Dublin run by Noel King.

Every year CoderDojo has a big competition for anyone that goes to a CoderDojo anywhere (even different countries) can enter a project. It's called the Coolest Projects Awards. Your project could be a website, a robotic arm anything you want.

In June 2014 "reCharge my eCar" won the CoderDojo Coolest Projects Best App Award.



ESB established ESB ecars in 2010 to roll out the charging points across Ireland for electric cars and vehicles across Ireland and to support the introduction and demand for electric cars nationally.

There are currently 1,200 public charge points available across the island of Ireland. This includes fast chargers which are located on all major motorways and interurban routes, approximately every 60 kilometres, connecting major towns and cities. Fast charging provides an EV with an 80% charge in as little as 25 minutes. At the moment all the charging points that they have setup are free!
reCharge My eCar uses the live data from ESB eCar charging points.