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With the tremendous programming and tech advancements, we have two types of programming which have been of much importance to the changes in programming thus enhancing its positive impacts. These are: Object oriented programming and procedural oriented programming.

Object oriented programming is a programming language model organized around objects rather than actions and data rather than logic. Historically a program has been viewed as a logical process that takes input data and produces output data. The only challenge seen was how to write the logic, not how to define the data. Object oriented programming takes the view that what we need to care about are the objects we want to manipulate rather than the logic required to manipulate them. Examples of objects include human beings, and other countables.

The first step in OOP is to identify all of the objects you want to manipulate and how they are related, and this is calleddata modeling. Onmce you have identified an object you categorize it as a class of objects and define the kind of data it contains and any other logical sequence that can manipulate it. Each logic sequence is known as a method. A real instance of a class is called object or an instance of class. The object or class is what you run in the computer. Its methods provide computer instructions as the class object characteristics provide relevant data.

The concepts used in object oriented programming provide several benefits including, the concept of data class makes it possible to define subclasses of data objects or all of the main characteristics. The concept of data classes allows a programmer to create any new data classes allow a programmer to create any new data type that is not already defined in the books.

Simula was the first object oriented programming language, while Java, C++ , visual basic .Net are just a few example of the most popular object oriented language. The Java program is designed to especially for use in distribution applications on corporate networks and the internet.

OOPSLA is the annual conference for objected oriented programming systems, languages and applications.

The second type, procedure oriented programming is where a structured method of preparing or creating programs used. It basically consists of writing a list of actions for the computer to follow, organize these instructions into groups known as functions. With procedure oriented program, a problem is broken into parts and each part is further broken into smaller parts. All these small parts are known as procedures. They are separate but work together when needed. A main program centrally controls them all. Some of the main languages here are COBOL, FORTRAN and C.

In a multi function program, many important data items are placed as global to be accessed by all functions. Each function may have its own local data. In a large program it is very difficult to identify what data is used by what function. A drawback on procedure programming is that it does not model real world problems very well, this is because functions are action oriented and do not really correspond to the elements of the problem.


PHP is an open source language used for development and is not much difficult compared to other programming languages due to the reason it is in a great demand and remain unique among other programming languages in fact there was a time when the entire website that has several web pages was easily possible on PHP.

PHP is easy to learn language and beginner can learn PHP in less time due to the reason the cost of website development goes down heavily. To join hand with PHP, MySQL database has provided free solutions to several big and small problems that are related with database management this can be only fixed up by the highly experienced programmers and that increases the budgets for web development.

Now the trend has been changed in recent times as the challenge increased a lot and led to the birth of several other very good frameworks and versatile languages. As times pass by PHP made it available free to download and installed easily and day by day PHP website development became very popular around the world and time came when many of the business entities were looking for establishing their online brands by building websites using PHP only. For continuing the web business development and enhancements smoothly PHP experts are in the greater demand to create website development.

In last couple of years MySQL database has pass through major enhancements and PHP has become little cumbersome and in demand programming language compared to what it was use to be earlier and the best thing is there are better options for the PHP experts to prove their capabilities in PHP website development as the number of opportunities for web development in PHP greatly increased. With lots more technicalities now it has became hard for the beginners to become accustomed with the features of PHP language.

Many experts believe that PHP has completely changed its path and became tuff for the novice users because the features may have enabled the novice developers to create websites but at the same time creates many difficulties related to security of the websites.

As an open source technology there is no point in deriving that both PHP and MySQL is little less in properties that other programming languages or databases already have and over the course of time PHP in conjunction with MySQL have developed few of the successful instances of PHP website development. There are hundreds of websites which has been created on PHP technology and PHP with MySQL had undergone development and created the demanding projects.

As an outcome it takes almost nothing to create a highly capable blog or site that only at the expense of a free WordPress account.


Java is a computing platform that revolutionized the internet world. The programming language that met the problems faced by C++ and developed by sun Microsystems in 1995. Java programming is platform independent and can run in different computer devices. The java program is converted to a byte and decoded by the Java virtual machine, so any device with JVM can run the java code. Unlike other programming languages where compilers are used to run the programs, java uses interpreters to execute the programs. This process is called as hybrid implementation system and much faster compared to the compilers.

Java derives most of its syntax from C and C++ with more flexibility and simpler object model. The programming language was created with a goal of making the language simple, object oriented, robust and secure. It also aims at improving the performance of program and portable. Like all the other programming languages Java keeps evolving over the past fifteen years as it is freely available for the developers. Security is the most important feature of Java programming as the web designed using java cannot be attacked by viruses and proper functioning of the host system.

Java can perform multiple tasks at the same time using multi threading concept. This multi threading is absent in C++ and an added feature of java. In case of networking this multi threading is highly useful to optimize the performance of the large networks. Java program is organized into class which is stored in separate files and loaded into the interpreter only when it is need by the program, this can improve the performance of the program substantially. The classes are added to improve the functionality of the program. Java has been a vital part of today’s IT industry as most of the projects are java based.

The bugs are part of any programming language as the complexity of the programs increases. In java programming the bugs and errors are detected both during the compilation and run time. Run time bugs are more problematic compared to compile time errors. Generics has been introduced in java to stabilize the errors and detected during the compile time. Java framework has been learnt by the programmers to reduce the bugs in the program developed by them. Java servlet is an extension of the java programming that is used to increase the performance of the host of various applications.

Analyzing the job market the engineering professionals with Java experience is much sought after and this is evident from the projects outsourced from other nations to India. The final and perhaps the most significant cause for taking the Java into a use is that it is well-liked



For those, who do not know, C# is pronounced as C sharp, and it is one of the most brilliant programming languages that have existed. Initially developed by Microsoft, and then eventually approved by Ecma and ISO, C# performs a variety of different functions, when it comes to programming. This includes strong typing, functional, generic, object-oriented and component-oriented fields within programming. For the Common Language Infrastructure, C# is one of the basic programming languages. A variety of different versions tend to be released, so that the language remains up-to-date with current innovations.


If you are wondering about the ways to polish your C# skills, you do not need to worry, because this language is quite simple. The syntax of C #, which is the programming rules, will be highly easy for those, who are familiar with Java or C, C++. Additionally, one should also understand that C# has the advantage that it reduces the complexities, which are a feature of C++. Programmers will be able to handle different nullable value types, lambda expressions, delegates, enumerations, as well as direct memory access. In this way, C# has an advantage over Java. One of the other advantages of C# includes the fact that because of the generic methods and types, the programming languages provides additionally safety.

How does C# work?

Since it is an object-oriented language, it has the support for a variety of concepts, which include encapsulation, polymorphism and inheritance. There are a variety of variables and methods, which are simply encapsulated in different class definitions. This also includes the application’s entry point, known as the Mainmethod. While the classes tend to inherit directly from one parent class, the language is able to ensure that the class can implement any number of interfaces. C# does not support inheritance, but it tends to implement surfaces, which means that it is a stack-allocated type of language.

C# is also able to make sure that different software components can be easily made, because of different language constructs, which are quite different. These include the encapsulated method signatures, which are known as delegates. These help in making sure that type-safe event notifications are simple and easy. The language also has attributes, which are able to provide different declarative metadata at run time. The programming language also consists of properties, which make sure that private members variables can easily be accessed. It has the capability of providing inline XML documentation comments. Along with this, the Language-Integrated Query (LINQ) ensures that built-in query capabilities can be spread across a variety of data sources.

How to become a good C# programmer?

When you want to become the best in field, ensure that you practice a lot, first by starting on with the GUI, then making your way to events, then to class design, and then develop your pseudo code. Read through different books to know more about the language.


Many programmers prefer Ruby because they feel like they are able to have fun while programming, write better code, and increase productivity. This is probably easier said than done, but once you figure out the advantages Ruby offers as a programming language, you are most likely to agree with them.

Computer languages can be difficult and frustrating for even the best of programmers. This is often due to the fact that these languages are not very dynamic and flexible. Ruby on the other hand, offers programmers the versatility they need to solve their problems. Ruby is easily adaptable to a programmers modus operandi and it comes without all those strict and rigid rules. Ruby allows you to clearly communicate using your code in a concise manner. The beauty of conciseness is that the lesser code you write, the fewer chances there are of something going wrong.

Every programmer wants to increase their productivity to the max, so they also want their code to run correctly the first time. Excess time wasted in debugging only decreases the amount of productive time you can spend doing something that gives you positive results. Being able to try out your code while editing it can save a lot of precious time rather than waiting till the end. Ruby allows you to edit your code simultaneously as you write it.

Many programmers consider Ruby to be the one when it comes to programming because it stays out of your way during the creative process. You can focus on finding the solution to a problem rather than struggling with compiler or language issues. This is how Ruby makes you become a superior programmer because it offers you the choice to spend time developing solutions for your customers and not the compiler.

Even if youre switching over from OO programming, you will enjoy many things in Ruby such as pure object orientation, meta-classes, closures, and iterators. Ruby takes virtually no time to learn and your routine tasks performed on a daily basis are effortless to code. Once you have completed them, they are easy to manage and develop further. Actions performed in Ruby work the way you want them to and that can be a make or break factor in programming.

Ruby cuts out all the extra syntax and the need to have excessive support code to accomplish simple things. This is why programmers who use Ruby call it a transparent language. Programmers can directly express their ideas and designs in Ruby, as compared to other languages that require you to start at a low level and then work your way up. A programmer can write much more code in one go and make it work the first time also. With minimal amount of syntax errors, no type violations, and lesser bugs, programmers can sit easy.

Ruby is sometimes used for jobs related to scripting, but mostly it can be utilized as a general purpose programming tool. GUI applications can be rendered through Ruby and so can middle-tier server processes. Ruby is working for Web pages and providing an interface to databases and developing versatile content. If you have been thinking of switching to Ruby to meet your programming needs, wait no further!

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