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Java is a computing platform that revolutionized the internet world. The programming language that met the problems faced by C++ and developed by sun Microsystems in 1995. Java programming is platform independent and can run in different computer devices. The java program is converted to a byte and decoded by the Java virtual machine, so any device with JVM can run the java code. Unlike other programming languages where compilers are used to run the programs, java uses interpreters to execute the programs. This process is called as hybrid implementation system and much faster compared to the compilers.

Java derives most of its syntax from C and C++ with more flexibility and simpler object model. The programming language was created with a goal of making the language simple, object oriented, robust and secure. It also aims at improving the performance of program and portable. Like all the other programming languages Java keeps evolving over the past fifteen years as it is freely available for the developers. Security is the most important feature of Java programming as the web designed using java cannot be attacked by viruses and proper functioning of the host system.

Java can perform multiple tasks at the same time using multi threading concept. This multi threading is absent in C++ and an added feature of java. In case of networking this multi threading is highly useful to optimize the performance of the large networks. Java program is organized into class which is stored in separate files and loaded into the interpreter only when it is need by the program, this can improve the performance of the program substantially. The classes are added to improve the functionality of the program. Java has been a vital part of today’s IT industry as most of the projects are java based.

The bugs are part of any programming language as the complexity of the programs increases. In java programming the bugs and errors are detected both during the compilation and run time. Run time bugs are more problematic compared to compile time errors. Generics has been introduced in java to stabilize the errors and detected during the compile time. Java framework has been learnt by the programmers to reduce the bugs in the program developed by them. Java servlet is an extension of the java programming that is used to increase the performance of the host of various applications.

Analyzing the job market the engineering professionals with Java experience is much sought after and this is evident from the projects outsourced from other nations to India. The final and perhaps the most significant cause for taking the Java into a use is that it is well-liked


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