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Many programmers prefer Ruby because they feel like they are able to have fun while programming, write better code, and increase productivity. This is probably easier said than done, but once you figure out the advantages Ruby offers as a programming language, you are most likely to agree with them.

Computer languages can be difficult and frustrating for even the best of programmers. This is often due to the fact that these languages are not very dynamic and flexible. Ruby on the other hand, offers programmers the versatility they need to solve their problems. Ruby is easily adaptable to a programmers modus operandi and it comes without all those strict and rigid rules. Ruby allows you to clearly communicate using your code in a concise manner. The beauty of conciseness is that the lesser code you write, the fewer chances there are of something going wrong.

Every programmer wants to increase their productivity to the max, so they also want their code to run correctly the first time. Excess time wasted in debugging only decreases the amount of productive time you can spend doing something that gives you positive results. Being able to try out your code while editing it can save a lot of precious time rather than waiting till the end. Ruby allows you to edit your code simultaneously as you write it.

Many programmers consider Ruby to be the one when it comes to programming because it stays out of your way during the creative process. You can focus on finding the solution to a problem rather than struggling with compiler or language issues. This is how Ruby makes you become a superior programmer because it offers you the choice to spend time developing solutions for your customers and not the compiler.

Even if youre switching over from OO programming, you will enjoy many things in Ruby such as pure object orientation, meta-classes, closures, and iterators. Ruby takes virtually no time to learn and your routine tasks performed on a daily basis are effortless to code. Once you have completed them, they are easy to manage and develop further. Actions performed in Ruby work the way you want them to and that can be a make or break factor in programming.

Ruby cuts out all the extra syntax and the need to have excessive support code to accomplish simple things. This is why programmers who use Ruby call it a transparent language. Programmers can directly express their ideas and designs in Ruby, as compared to other languages that require you to start at a low level and then work your way up. A programmer can write much more code in one go and make it work the first time also. With minimal amount of syntax errors, no type violations, and lesser bugs, programmers can sit easy.

Ruby is sometimes used for jobs related to scripting, but mostly it can be utilized as a general purpose programming tool. GUI applications can be rendered through Ruby and so can middle-tier server processes. Ruby is working for Web pages and providing an interface to databases and developing versatile content. If you have been thinking of switching to Ruby to meet your programming needs, wait no further!

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